Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Battle Plan for Prayer

This is what I am reading and it is awesome.  Go get this book! 

First of all, we must know that prayer is powerful, but do you know the tactics?  Do you have a plan for prayer?


The "Battle Plan for Prayer" is a step by step guide and explanation of what prayer is and what it is for.  It breaks down why we should pray, what scripture says about prayer, and how to pray effectively and efficiently.  This is a very good bible based researched resource for prayer.

It was written by the brothers who had brought us "War Room", Stephen and Alex Kendrick.

My mom went to this seminar one day and called me with excitement.

"Marie, you have to come see these guys, they were so good . . . they talked so well, they are so smart and they gave us this book that they wrote.  We have two.  You can take your dad's, he's not going to read it anyway . . ."

She reminded me of the movie "War Room," which we all saw at least 3 times.  We loved it.  I actually dragged my husband to go see it too, he also loved it.  So, then I was like, "Okay," but didn't read "the Battle Plan for Prayer," until like 1 year later.  Now that I have read it, I'm a fan!  And who knew that I would be the one reviewing books and suggesting Christian resources as a new career! Not this girl!

I also came to realize that these gentlemen are not new to the scene.  They have been around and have four other movies under their belt:

-The first film from the Kendrick brothers, Flywheel, told the story of a used car salesman who turned his life and his business over to God.
-In Facing the Giants, a high school football coach turns his life and his team over to God.
-In Fireproof, a firefighter turns his life and his marriage over to God.
-In Courageous, a police officer turns his life and his family over to God.


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The Kendrick brothers have a way to show you that the best way to live is to turn your life over to God!  This is what I promote in this blog and so I implore you to start your relationship with the Lord today!


When I read those movie titles, one really stood out to me: "Fire Proof" starring Kirk Cameron.  This movie was a God send to me at a low point in my marriage about 5 years ago.  My husband and I really related to the themes in that movie which was the inspiration for the book "The Love Dare."   It is a very popular book for couples today as a daily challenge to improve their marriage.  It was a catalyst to the healing of my marriage.  I will promote it, it was very good.

 Let us get back to "The Battle Plan for Prayer"

The book let's you know that there is a purpose and a power that prayer brings.  God gave us the gift of prayer so that we have a weapon to fight against our adversary.  It is important to note the reason why we as the church have not been demonstrating the power that we ought, is because we do not recognize the keys of prayer, but instead often operate in creating spiritual locks.  In otherwords, we must learn how to pray correctly.  Chapter 12 of "The Battle Plan for Prayer" outlines the following:

10 Spiritual Keys of Prayer:

1- Pray persistently-  (asking, seeking, and knocking)

2- Pray in Faith- (always believing and never doubting)

3- Pray in Secret- (God will reward you openly for what you do in secret)

4- Pray According to God's will- (Read the bible, meditate on it so you know what God's will is!)

5- Pray in Jesus's name- (Seal your prayer with the name of your King)

6- Pray in Agreement with other believers- (there is power in 2 or more gathered in agreement- you are inviting the Holy Spirit in that place)

7- Pray while Fasting- (drawing closer to God, and further away from the world)

8- Praying from an Obedient Life- (Obey the direction of God, this pleases him, gains his attention, and increases your favor.)

9- Praying while abiding in Christ and his Word- (Read your word, spend time with your Lord)

10- Pray while delighting in the Lord- (Praise his name and ask him with your words. Show your love to your creator!)

Of course the book goes into more details on these keys to prayer in Chapter 12,  it also outlines the reasons why prayers don't go through in Chapter 11.  You must go buy the book in order to use this resource effectively!

Oh another thing that I found helpful . . .

The book also uses the acronym ACTS to help us remember the four main types of prayer:

A-  Adoration

C-  Confession

T - Thanksgiving

S- Supplication

This book is a great resource, teaching us when, how, how much, what for, who for, and why we should pray.

Let us all move past our self serving way of praying and really begin to pray for others.  We need to learn the right way to pray so that we can have the undeniable Heavenly power and dominion that God has ordained us with as Christ's church!

Let us learn how to pray for our leaders,  let us learn how to pray for our enemies, let us learn how to pray for our families and our children and our children's children.  All of these answers are of course in the bible, but now we have a resources that can break it down for us for our learning and understanding.  We have to get serious about these things because prayer really works!

Remember to Live your Life on Purpose,
There is something inside of you that we need in the body of Christ. We thank and pray for brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick.  May God increase your ministry.  May God continue to bless you and your family with favor.  Let your voice for God stand strong in this world.  We can't wait for your next project!  In Jesus's name, Amen.

You are special
Your are awesome!
Until next Time

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