Thursday, April 6, 2017

Live Life Post 81 Why Should I Wait to Have Sex?

Post 81 The Wait

I wondered what many of the kids were saying in high school as they talked about, well you know those things that teenagers talk about.  I was sheltered as a child, at least I think I was.  My parents protected me from a lot of things that were going on in the world.  I was a PK, if you know what I mean, and I was always taught to wait to have sex until you were married.

Premarital sex goes against the word of God.

This is what I was taught.  I always knew this, and felt that waiting was the right thing to do.  I even made it through high school and some college, thinking that I was going to wait until marriage.  But then life happened, I felt like I was grown, and I thought I knew what I was doing.  Little did I know that the devil had set a trap for me.

Temptation is the trap of the devil, but it is also a way that God test your spiritual maturity. 

I was not spiritually mature. . .

Long story short, I started having sex, got pregnant, got married, and put my destiny plans on halt.  I didn't realize until I got older that the decisions we make to disobey God's plans for our lives have consequences.  For the next few years, I had a family to raise, and my priorities changed.

Sometimes I wish that I was better prepared for the world.  I wish I knew that waiting until I was married was tied to showing spiritual maturity and not just thinking that I was old enough to handle it.

This is for all of you single ladies, unwed, independently dating, and/or single mothers . . .

You still have an opportunity to be obedient to God, follow his lead, and fulfill your purpose!

I attached this video of Yvonne Orji (actress from HBO break out hit "Insecure") explaining how her parents told her she couldn't date until she got married! Lol.  She spells it out better than I can why you should wait to have sex until you are married.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Yvonne is an actress, 33 years old, unmarried, and still a virgin.

What the world sees as strange and unnatural, Christians should see as natural spiritual maturity.

I'm not beating anyone up about this.  Believe me I made my mistakes.  You can live your life the way you want to, that's fine, but it is a whole lot easier to obey God's word.  Did you know:

There are blessings attached to obedience and there are curses attached to disobedience.

I thought this book was worth mentioning for anyone who was waiting to have sex until marriage.  I didn't read it yet but saw a few interviews and really wanted to check it out.  Somebody can read it and let me know what they think!  It is called the wait by Minister Devon Franklin and Meagan Good.

In their interviews they talk about their commitment to God and the benefits of waiting to have sex.

I just felt I needed to write this post for someone real quick after watching Yvonne give her TEDtalk.
Main message to get from all this rambling: 

Don't let the enemy distract you from what is really important. 

Follow God's lead and he will show you your purpose!

Until next time

*PK- preacher's kid

#Watch Out World, Here We Come!

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