Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Live life post 105 How Great Thou Art!

Post 105

God is just so AWESOME that it is just unbelievable to me that people don't believe in him.  If we can just open up our eyes and see all the beauty that he has made around us . . . the trees,  the sky, the stars, the grass, the wind, the water, the light, us, our family, . . . I myself am in awe.

It reminds me of a song I used to sing at church: "How Great Thou Art!"

Read some of the words to this awesome song:

Oh Lord my God
When I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds
Thy hands have made
I see the stars
I hear the rolling thunder
Thy power throughout
The universe displayed

Then sings my soul
My Savior, God, to Thee
How great thou art
How great thou art
Then sings my soul
My Savior, God, to Thee
How great Thou art
How great Thou art

I love this song, I love the Lord, and I pray that you can see how great he is also . . .

Do we always think on the things that God has made as great and awesome, or do we complain about all the bad things that are going on around us?

The way I see it, life, a good life, is all in your perspective.  We can choose to see all the bad, or we can choose to see the wonderful things that God made.  I like waking up in the morning, going for a walk before the sun rises, and looking at all the stars.  It is so beautiful and clear.  I talk to God and I tell him how awesome he is.  What a wonderful way to start the day.  How can you go the rest of the day and think about the bad.

Change your perspective and Change your Life!

Are there somethings that you complain about that maybe you can look at differently?

Is there a person that you don't like that you can possibly see one good thing in?

Remember, God made all things, so let's try to see the awesome beauty in everything. 

Until next time

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