Thursday, April 20, 2017

post 94 Love one another

Remember to love one another

Do we forget this?

God is teaching me to stop looking at people for who they are, but instead look at a person for who God has made them to be.  When you see a person the way that God sees them, you can't help but to love them.

This is where the Kingdom comes in.  There is a great out pouring of God's spirit.  The enemy thought that it was his time, he thought that he was going to revel himself as the ruler of this world.  But God said, these are the signs but the end is not yet!!

The harvest has started.  The wheat and the tears are being separated.  People are beginning to understand what it means to love like Jesus loves.  This love is so powerful that it can overcome the evil of this world.  It is time for people to know and understand who God's chosen people are. It is time for a great awakening.  Wake up!!!  Come out of her my people.  It is time for us to love one another.  It is time for the world to see who is the wheat of the harvest.

Love one another!

It is because I love you that I encourage you to read your bible and become part of the chosen.  Become part of God's Kingdom.  It is almost time to be called home.
Love you with the love of the Lord

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