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Live Life post 91 Sin, This is Why your life sucks . . .

post 91

Caution:  This is not a condemnation or a judgement, but let us explore what is really going on in our lives.  Why are we unhappy?  Why are we unfulfilled in our lives?

Sin. . .

This is why your life sucks. . .

Sin, which means missing the mark.  Not being able to fulfill your destiny, not being able to reach the goal, not being able to hit the target of what you set out to do.  It is an archery term.  We do not hold the capacity to hit the bulls eye because our perception is off.  We don't even aim in the right direction!!!

This is why it is so important to ask God for direction!

Ok, so I posted "My Life Sucks" last night, but I really need to elaborate on why.  I mentioned sin, but a lot of us don't really understand what sin is.  We get such a bad taste in our mouth when someone tries to tell us that we are sinners, but we really shouldn't.  It is just the way it is, we have a sinful nature.  It doesn't mean that we are all bad, it just means that we can't reach the level that we were created to meet.  We can not live this life or the next on our own merit.  We need a supernatural power source.  That source is the Lord.  He will help us meet every mark and hit every bulls eye.

I wrote:

"We all have this idea in our heads of what will make our lives better.  However, if your ideas don't line up with God's ideas then your life is just going to suck.  There is no other way to put it.  Every time you get what you think will make you happy, you will just be left unfulfilled and begin to go after the next thing the world says that you need. . ."

Why do we always want more?  It is because of  sin!  We are constantly aiming for what we think will make us happy, and when we get there, it isn't really what we needed.  We missed our mark.  We missed the whole point.  We missed what our purpose was.  We missed it because we didn't have the power in the shot.  We didn't point in the right direction.  We didn't have the training to know what the target was or what it looked like.  We didn't have the sight, the stance, the posture, the muscle, or the know how to make the shot in the first place.  Most of us don't even have the bow nor the arrow to shoot.  We are all amiss, shooting in the breeze of nothingness, and in this we become frustrated.  We become sad, and depressed because we just don't understand why it is not working out for us.

We keep missing the mark and this makes us feel empty inside.

Sin then, is not a punishment or a label of who you are.  Instead, sin is the result of our actions.  It is the name of what happens when we try to live this life on our own, and fail.

Sin is the prideful mind set that continues to separate us from the power source that has made us.  Sin separates us from God.  Hence, sin separates us from our purpose.

We all want to be happy, live fulfilled, be satisfied with life.  I know that it isn't only me who asks the Lord:  There has to be more to this life . . . What is the point of this life?

There is an answer.  The answer is Jesus Christ.

"In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink." John 7:37

But why is the answer Jesus Christ?

This is something that can't be answered in one blog post, in one conversation, in one sermon by the preacher.  But instead this is a long walk, and an infinite intimate conversation with the Lord.

Again I am talking about RELATIONSHIP.

I gave you this verse yesterday

Proverbs 3:5-7
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.   Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil.

This means that there is a way around this constant struggle of  living a life that sucks.  You just have to give your life to God, let him lead it, acknowledge that he is the creator and has everything set in place for you.  He will take you through the right training.  He will allow you to learn the stance, the posture, and the target.  He is the instructor so let him instruct you.  He will give you every tool that you need to hit the target.

Now, stop throwing sticks, stones and what ever else up into the air, because they just keep hitting you in the head.  That sucks.  That is a horrible way to live.

I pray that this is helpful to you building your relationship with the Lord.  I pray that you are one step closer to finding your purpose.

Until Next Time

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