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Live Life post 95 Everything Belongs to God.

post 95

"The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell there in." Psalm 24:1

I'm not your normal Christian blogger.  I think I  am learning this as people respond to my blog post.  They don't quit understand why I promote the things that I promote.  I'm not a new aged philosopher,  I'm not a holiness holestic fanatic, or a religious stickler for rules.  I'm just a follower of Christ who goes where he says to go and does what he says to do.

Here is a concept that we must all understand:

Everything belongs to God

When I say everything, I mean everything:  the earth, everything in the earth, and everything that is created in the earth.  So, I pose a question:  Why are we, as Christians, afraid of anything that the Lord made?

I just say this because someone was questioning the things that I post on this blog and labeling it as "new aged" or "worldly philosophy."   Well guess what, I'm in the world but I'm not of the world.  I know Jesus and I trust that he will not take me anywhere that I will get lost.  He gave me a passion to learn and study different religions and thoughts but that doesn't mean that I follow those philosophies.  Instead, God is showing me that everything belongs to him and he will claim back everything that the enemy turned into a lie.

I'm not given Satan reverence, but I need to let you know that he will take the truth then mix a little lie in it, in order to try to make it sound credible.  We, as Christians, as people looking for a better way of living, need to be aware of the devil's tactics.  We don't need to be afraid and back away, we just need to be aware and informed.

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

Educate yourself in the word, so that you know what the word says.  This way you won't be led astray by new aged philosophy or worldly religion.

Let me share things that we all should be doing:

1) Praying continuously, (concentrating on positive thoughts and outcomes)
2) Reading God's word (putting good information in so good information comes out)
3) Fellowshipping with other like minded Christians. (Reading and listening to testimony)
4) Giving our troubles to Jesus (Casting the Burden)
5) Asking for forgiveness (repenting your sins)
6) Acknowledging God for his goodness (Being Thankful)
7) Praising God for his goodness (out wards expression of appreciation)

All these things are explained and talked about in the bible, but did you know that religious philosophies like Buddhism, metaphysis, yoga, Confucianism, and Taoism have similar thought values. 

Here's the thing . . .people lean to these other types of practices because they become afraid of the Christian ideology of "You have to be a good person in order to become a Christian."

This is a false notion!!  It is untrue.  And this has created so much pressure on a person who knows he/she has flaws, hurts, and personal disappointments, that he starts to look for something a little easier and less judgmental. . . 

"Oh I think I'll try being a Buddhist, that seems spiritual, and life changing."


"Ill take this Yoga class because I really need to feel centered in myself."

Um, ok, then what?

Look, I'm not afraid of things like meditation and centering oneself.  .  .it can be good for your sanity, however I know that anything that turns into serving yourself rather than others, can be very dangerous.  We must all understand that this life is not about us, it is about God.

It's not about you!

Although God has made each and everyone of us into pretty awesome people, life is not about us.

You do not have to prepare yourself to be saved.  Instead, the word says that everyman has a sinful nature and that he thinks of evil continuously.  Hence, it is Christ who makes the change and not man himself. 

We can not make the change we want in our lives, by ourselves.  Being a good person is not a contingency of becoming a Christian.  You just have to be a person, any person: a murderer, a robber, a drunkard, a soccer mom, a grad student,  who has finally decided that he/she does not have all the answers.  When you do this, you give your life to another purpose that is not your own.  Now, you are a Christian because you acknowledge that you belong to God.  Now you are a Christian because you believe in the gift of life that God has prepared for you.

No pressure!  Come as you are and God will make you into who you need to be.

You get it?

You always belonged to him in the first place!!  Everything belongs to God!!  Accept this, and don't deny it,  and you will be so much happier if you do so.

Again, I am not "new aged."  I do not promote things because it sounds good in theory.  I promote the word of God.

I suggest/promote, books, conversations, videos, quotes, and blogs because it may help you in your journey to find the Lord and find your purpose.  If you feel that it is out of your comfort zone, then do you. 

But just to let you know I listen to all kinds of music, I watch TV, I go to the movies, I drink coffee and I like having sex with my husband on the regular!  I'm just sayin!

So, there you go.

I do wonder what people's definition of  "New Age" is because to me, there is nothing new about new age thought. . . It's just a bunch of people thinking.  Everybody has thoughts, but it is only God's thoughts that matter.

I pray that this is helpful to you in finding your purpose.

Your not weird, you were just made uniquely by God.

Until Next Time

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