Sunday, February 26, 2017

Live Life: Day 57 Let's get Inspired

Day 57

I am going to inspire myself.  Sometimes it seems like you are all alone and that their is no one around to pour into you.  In cases like this you have to encourage your self . . . so that is what I am going to do with the help of the Lord.

Last week was a stressful week for me and I claim this week to be an inspirational week so I'm going to take the words that God sends me and sow an inspirational message into my heart.  This blog site was never meant to get too heavy anyway, it is supposed to be a page of motivation!!

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I will follow my purpose!

I will be triumphant!

I will follow the voice of the Lord!

I will do what he wants me to do

and I dare you to try to stop me!

I made a change in my life because I made a decision to live a better one!

If it is only me and the Lord, I am going to keep going until he calls me home.
I don't live by chance, I live on purpose!


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