Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Live Life Day 52: Knowing the Power of our words

Day 52


"For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." Romans 10:10

What ever you believe in your heart, you will confess with your mouth.  These words will manifest themselves in your life as truth.  This is law. So, now you must ask yourself an important question: "What do I believe?"

You can believe and view the world three ways: One through natural eyes, second through carnal eyes and the other through spiritual eyes.

When you see things with your natural eyes, you see things ignorantly not really knowing truth but instead excepting every stimulus that is presented to you.  You then take that information and form a false truth about yourself and the life that you are living.  What ever you think you are supposed to live, that is the way you will live.  "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"

But why is this?  It is because we were made this way.  When we receive outside stimuli from the world around us we absorb it into our subconscious, we then create a truth, then we act it out however our brain interprets that truth for the world to see.  This is how we are wired.  How we think is how we will act.  How you think is how you will talk.  So be very careful when someone shows you who they are, they're not lying to you.

Now when someone sees things through their carnal eyes they receive outside stimuli from the world, but something about it doesn't seem right.  But instead of rejecting the ignorance, the carnal minded person continues to operate in a false state of reality. It takes time for the carnal mind to hear the voice of the holy spirit.  Therefore it takes time to see the work that God is doing in an already salvaged life of a carnally minded person.

There is something spectacular though when you are born again with a new spirit, a spirit that requires a different stimulus.  A born again spirit needs the power of the holy spirit to tell it the real truth.  This truth is then understood by the subconscious and then interpreted for the world to see.  The world sees a Christ life, a life full of fruits of the spirit.  When you see attributes of the spirit like love, patience, meekness, and joy, then you know what that person believes in his heart.  When a person knows who they are in Christ, then this is the example of seeing with spiritual eyes.

Now, I said that to ask this:  What do you believe?  What kind of eyes are you viewing the world with?  Do you believe that you are uniquely made for a purpose?

If you start believing that you and the people around you are made for a purpose, then maybe you would stop speaking negatively about them and about yourself.  Know the power of your words.

I pray that these words get you to think about your purpose and also bring you closer to it.
Until next time

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