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Throwback Thursday: READ Mark Batterson/ The Circle Maker

This is what I am reading now . . . .

This is what I read already by Mark Batterson . . .

Here is the Throwback post for the review of Draw the Circle:

But before you go to it let me tell you why I read and why you should read too!

Have you ever heard that God will make you successful in what you were unsuccessful in by yourself?

I have never been a reader.  Actually, I have always struggled with reading and reading comprehension.  I was even put in special classes when I was younger because the school felt I could use the "extra" help.  I guess I believed this all through school because I didn't read, not unless I had to for a class.  Now, look at God.

I want to read everything and I want to read all the time.  Why?  Because I'm a writer and a writer reads . . .

I was in grad-school years ago and we had to go to this seminar up north in order to prepare for our exit interviews.  There was a speaker there who caught my attention and really changed my life.  He said to the group, "How can you ever write anything if you never read anything?"  Those words stick with me until this today.  So, when God placed it on my heart to start writing, he also placed it on my heart to start reading.

I thank God everyday for the opportunities that he has allowed me to have.  I pray everyday that I don't let those gifts go to waste.  I want to do the right thing by pleasing him.  Therefore, I report to you what God has told me to do.  Today he is telling me to tell you to start reading.

You might want to start with what you like reading first!

You have to start training yourself to read, especially if you don't like reading.  I wouldn't start with something entertaining, easy, and enjoyable to you.  Then I would move into some good reads in subject areas that you are interested in. 

I was very interested in education, so it was easier for me to read books about education or books that were teaching me something that I wanted to learn about.  I also had a desire to read the bible.  I read the bible in small tidbits to start.  I reviewed my favorite scriptures, prayers, and stories that I found interesting.

The time that I spent in the word of God, turned into long reads.  It turned into 3 hour, 5hour, and 10 hour studies.  As I read, I had a deeper desire to know what the Lord was speaking into my spirit.  Just like the bible, the Lord uses the books that I read to speak into my spirit.  The books that I read now, I know will help people develop a closer relationship with the Lord.

So, this is what I do.  I write, create, and promote information that will bring you closer to God.  God told me that I am a teacher and a connector.  Referring books to you, while giving  you a quick review, will help you decide if it is what God needs you to read for your spiritual growth. . . 

Reading books is like taking a supplement. . .

You know when you don't have enough iron in your diet to increase your hemoglobin?  The doctor might prescribe to you an Iron supplement.  He writes you a prescription or tells you to get a vitamin supplement from your local pharmacist.  You go get it, you take it, and over a little time you feel better.  You now have more energy because you received something that you had been missing before.

Well, each person on this earth has something that you need.  Each and everyone of us has something unique that has been given to us by God.  Each person has a secret that you need to unlock your secret.  Hence, it would be wise for us to read the books of people who have found out their secret to life.  They wrote a book just for you.

Read More . . .

We should read more because we often are not surrounded by people who know who they are.  They have not become activated yet.  So, not only is their growth stunted, but your growth is stunted also.  You now need to take a supplement.  You need to take a supplement for your missing wise friend, your missing purpose driven teacher, your missing supporting spouse, your missing wealth coach, or your missing transformational leader.  Do you know how to find that supplement?

A good book, given to you by God.

I am not talking about any book, I'm talking about God sent books.  Believe me, you don't just notice a cover of a book all of the time by coincidence.   God is trying to give you a message to read a book to increase your chances of success.  If you read my blog, then you would know that God's definition of success is not the world's definition of success.  Hence, the most important book that you need to read is the bible.  You may not understand it all yet, but you need it to unlock your purpose and to live your life on purpose.

The Bible is the most important book in your life.  If you weren't successful at it before, it was because you were trying with your own strength.  Let God navigate you to your real purpose!

All my best
until next time

LOL, I didn't mention anything about prayer, but Mark Batterson does an excellent job exploring the real motives and answers to prayer.  I highly recommend "The Circle Maker," and "Draw the Circle."  Check out an extra book review below.

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This is where I got the picture from and so I was curious.  I looked around her blog and I liked it, so check it out . . .

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