Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wisdom Wednesday: How to get Undistracted

Just wanted to share this video real quick because it hit on so many points about how and why we become distracted.

I always felt like I was overwhelmed when I was a teacher.  I mean, I just did too much.  I always had something to do, somewhere to be, and someone to talk to.  It seemed like I never had time to myself or my kids.  It wasn't until recently that I realized I did this to my self. . .

It is so very important for us to get Undistracted!!

This blog is about finding your purpose.  I write and promote things that will help you along your journey.  I feel like this is a very important topic to tackle if you want to be successful on your journey . . .

We don't want to be hindered by distractions!

I remember putting it another way before.  I said you have to prioritize your purpose. Check out the article below when you have time:

If you realize it or not, a distraction is a war tactic of the enemy.  Your enemy doesn't want you to be successful, he doesn't want you to progress, he doesn't want you to develop a relationship with God.  Hence he will do everything in his power to make you too busy to prioritize your purpose.  He will keep you so busy that you won't realize that you are being distracted from your true calling.

My friends here is the important thing that you need to know about this subject:  The things that distract us the most, aren't necessarily bad things! But you must learn to be aware of what things are a waste of time.

You have your job, the kids extra curricular activities, Ms. Mae who needs a ride to the market, the fund raiser at the church, the Missions Service, your favorite TV show, the birthday parties and the baby showers!  The list goes on and on, but you have to ask yourself; do I have peace in my spirit? 

Is your work lined up with God has for you to do?  Is what you spend your time on helping the purpose of God?

If something is taking your peace, then it is not of God!

If you feel burned out, overwhelmed or burdened by your obligations, then it is not of God.  God said that he will not give us more then what we can bare.  So some of us are so over worked because we do it to ourselves!! We need to go the next level in the Holy Spirit. . .

Once we have that "next level" experience with the Holy Spirit, we will be opened up to the next level of understanding.  That relationship moment takes time to get to.  Once it happens, we will learn about focus and the importance of focus.  We will learn to train ourselves to focus. 

This is actually my resolution for 2018.  I want to focus on my purpose.  I want to train myself on how to be more productive by being more focused on what I must do.  I am learning how to write everything down so that I have a realistic idea of what can be done in a day.  Then I don't beat my self up of what didn't get done.  I have something tangible to look at, like a check off list, to see that I did my best with the time I had.  I plan strategically in order not to be distracted.

We must learn to value our time!

The enemy wants to steal every extra year, month, week, day, and minute of your life.  Why?  Because he doesn't want you to meet your destiny.  He wants to stop you, trap you, or even have you run in circles.

You may realize when you are ready to go that next level, that there is always someone who comes to draw you away from your focus.  They call you at the wrong time or they knock on your door to take you away from something you are working on for the Lord.  You have people that will talk about you or try to plant seeds of worry in your head. Or you may have experienced that you are always busy even when you had made efforts to free up your time.  Now, someone is always asking you to do something, and you are the type of person who always says yes . . . SMH.

Understand that it is not the person, but the principality working for the adversary's kingdom to keep you from fulfilling your destiny.  It is the enemies job to distract you.  It is our job to draw closer to the Lord in order to learn the ways to overcome the enemy's war tactics . . .

This is why I like this video.  Dr. Stevenson is going to tell you exactly what is going on in your life right now.  He is going to break it down, step by step.  You might not get all the strategies of what to do, but you will have a much better idea of why it is happening and the next steps you need to take in order to gain focus in your life.

With out further ado, check out this video.  It was very informative about living a focused life, having focused devotional time with the Lord, focused relationships, focused conversations, and a focused work ethic.  We have to learn how to train ourselves to be successful, or else we will just be another rat distracted in the rat race.

I promote this video because it was very good.  I just found Dr. Stevenson on YouTube, but realized that he was also on periscope.  He comes out of Chicago and he is very knowledgeable. So I am now following him.  I will keep you posted on any new teachings that help stimulate your mind on living for Purpose.

Until Next Time

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