Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Live Life post 157: Some thoughts about Discipline

I'm understand that having discipline is a very important part of life.  It is what is going to determine if you are successful or not.  Now when I talk about success I'm not referring to an empty reach for self fulfillment.  No, true success comes from fulfilling your vision.  True vision comes from God.

I think it is a shame that people go through life not walking in their purpose.  People go through life chasing empty dreams, empty promises and empty goals.  Yes, some people have great discipline, they know how to work hard to get that big house, brand new car or great job.  But what happens when you achieve these things and you still feel empty inside?  You realize that you were chasing the wrong dreams.

Writing this book

 The bible says that we should do the will of God. We should follow the dreams that he gives us and not the dreams that the world gives us.  This world is built on a system of lies, so of course if you live in the world you will follow the wrong road, and you will be sorely disappointed in the end.  

God gave me a push to start walking in my purpose.  I am writing a book on this very subject of understanding your purpose.  It is important to first understand who you are in order to understand your purpose.  So that is one of the things that I am trying to do through this writing exercise.  I am determined to find out and help others find out:  Who they are, Why they are here, Where they came from, and What their purpose is in life?

Writing this book is a hard thing to do.  God is teaching me how to work.  He is showing me how to plan my time to work, no matter what.  He is showing and teaching me how not to get distracted.  He is showing me all types of things that have to do with discipline.

Stick to it

God is teaching me how to keep going.  Day by day, little by little.  It is inevitable that you will see some progress if you stick with something.  He is walking me through learning how to focus intently on a thing so that progress becomes self motivating.  When God  gives you a purpose, you follow it with a passion.  I now have a passion that fuels my for perseverance.  This is called stick to- it -tive-ness.

This is not a made up word but a word that means dogged perseverance. This is not my phrase to coin,  But I heard it on a video about rules of success by the Restored Church of God.  Perhaps you should check it out in these videos part 1 & 2.  I thought it was pretty good!

Ok, so we shouldn't go to everyone's church.  No, but we should all be lead by the Holy Spirit and not get caught up in titles, church denominations, or what other people think.  This is not about religion.  This is about being successful by God's Standards.  This is about following the purpose for your life.  This is about receiving your vision from God.  This is about understanding the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is about understanding what Jesus was trying to teach us.  This is about building our relationship with God the way that he needs it to be,  so that we can be in direct accord with what he needs us to do.

This is about being disciplined.

Time for some Random blurbs of thought . . .

-You are a grown up now.  You know right from wrong.  If God  brought you to it, he will bring you through it.  If God showed you a glimpse of your future, it is up to you to believe it by faith and to go after it. . .

-So many people are worried about the things that are going to get them, or the things that they have to protect themselves from.  I have news for people, you can't protect yourself from anything because God is your protector.

-Go and read the parable about  the talents.  Read it!
Was God pleased with the one who played it safe and buried his talent for safe keeping . . . No

-We have to stop playing the defense and know the power that God gave us to play offense.  It is time that we tap into the power of God.

-Pray for how you want to attack the enemy.

-The Lord Mighty in Battle.

-I have noticed that online Christian organizers want to say "we keep our readers away from New Age, away from prosperity messages, away from purpose messages"  I'm like, ok then how are they supposed to develop as a Christian if they don't know what is about to attack them?

-I went through it, I walk through it . . . Not because I was being disobedient to the Lord, but because he wanted to show me the attack.  He want to prepare me to know how to fight back . . So now, I not only pray, but I pray in tongues.  I not only read the Bible but I study intently and intensely.  I could only learn that by going through some things, so that I could learn how to develop DISCIPLINE.

I don't go out and do the things I used to do anymore because it is not part of my purpose.  I built up a resistance and I don't go running out every time my friends call.  I have developed discipline.  I know how to say no!

There is so much to learn and so much that God wants to teach us.  Will you not be disciplined enough to hear his voice.  Block out everything else and hear him calling you towards your purpose.

Until Next Time

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