Thursday, July 27, 2017

Live Life 160: Learn Discipline

God has been leading me to write a lot about DISCIPLINE  lately. . . and another great video on this subject was brought to my attention.

Discipline is self control in a sense.  It is training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. (Webster dictionary).  Dr. Axe teaches on dietary discipline and it is a kingdom principle that we must be conscious of.

I'm glad that I found Dr. Axe.  He's Awesome!

In this video he introduces us to Dr. Zaino, who talks about daily habits of success.

Surprise surprise, he has a morning ritual (routine) like all other successful people I read about.

I have a morning ritual, perhaps I will be more disciplined as I go.  I'm practicing getting up and taking my walk every morning.  I will continue to practice and really develop what Dr. Zaino calls that "DISCIPLINE muscle."

The following are some of the things this video touches on:

Developing Discipline
Morning Routines
Time management
Detox protocol (Something I have to look more into later)

Dr. Axe also encourages us to write down the time that we are going to spend with God, family, yourself, and mission.   If you don't plan it, your probably won't do it . . .

What will your time with God look like?  What time are you going to spend with your family, your husband, and your kids?  What is the scheduled time that you are going to work on yourself?  How much time are you going to dedicate to your life's work, your mission?

What exactly is your mission?

Your mission would be what I refer to as your Purpose.  Your purpose connects you to Vision.  Putting your purpose and your vision together is your mission.

Mission:  The work that you do, according to your purpose on earth, that will help you complete the picture of your vision.


Hey, Check it out.  It's good stuff:


Feed your mind, continue to grow, and live your life on Purpose.

Until Next Time

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