Thursday, May 4, 2017

Live Life post 114 International Day of Prayer

Good morning and God Bless you on this INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER!

This is a day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

I am so happy that we have so many people aware of the love of Jesus Christ.  I am so happy to know that this nation is under God and that we have Christians all over praying for it's well being in these dark times.  I can't tell you specifically what to pray for, surely God will put on your heart what you are to pray for specifically . . . but in general, let us pray for our president and for the safety of our nation.

God has given me a specific assignment to pray for each person that he is calling right now to walk in their purpose.  I have been praying a lot on this matter.  Some people might think that I am crazy to encourage this.  Some Christians don't believe in this doctrine and they try to go around it.  However, God has created each and everyone of us with at least one gift.  As we nurture and develop the gifts that he has given to us, he begins to entrust us with more.

Read it for yourself!

(Jesus taught a parable of the talents that can be found Matthew chapter 25:14.)

I want to encourage people to use the gifts and talents that they have to do a work for God.  Not everybody has to be a speaker, a writer, an evangelist, or a missionary, but you do have something to help build up the Kingdom of God. "There is greatness inside of you!" I believe my calling is just to convince your mind that you are somebody.  You mean something to God.  Do you know this?

You were born at this time in history for a reason.  God is calling you to do a work for a reason.  This is the time in history where we need people to step up, be active in ministry, be active in prayer, be active in helping others.  The Kingdom needs you to serve.  So you just need to start asking yourself: What is my service?  What is my talent?  What is my purpose?

This is my prayer:

I pray that people start to use their talents for God.  I pray that the spirit of worthlessness and inadequacy leaves their hearts.  I pray that people start to open their hearts to the passion, the power, the purpose, and the possibilities that God has for them.  This is my prayer.  That people start to walk in their purpose, walk with the right people, and walk with God.  I pray that curses are broken and mindsets are changed.  I pray that the power of God starts working in people's life so bluntly that God can no longer be denied his awesomeness!!  I pray that people start, and that they start today.  I pray that people understand their greatness and understand that they can only fulfill their greatness through Jesus Christ.  This is my prayer.

I want to link a video that encourages you to start today.  You will here the voices of TD Jakes and Jim Rohn.  Very Inspirational, check it out.

Don't you want God to say to you:

"Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."

Mattthew 25:23

If you serve the Lord here in this world, great will be your reward in heaven. 

Continue to be blessed on this International Day of Prayer!
Until next time

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