Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 28/29 Live Life for God

Day 28/29  "Where ever you are, be all there"

I would love to tell you the rules, run it down from A to Z  in order to explain how to be a Christian,  but it doesn't work like that.  Everyone's journey is different and individual.  This is because God makes each and everyone of us special.  Each of us will then have a different relationship and a different walk with him.  Where ever you are in your walk, be all in.  Put all you have in this.  The end time is here and he just wants his people to come back to him.  The following is something that I wrote inspired by the above quote.

Dear God,

I want to know you and I want to hold your hand
I want to live with you in the promised land
I want you to hold me and never let me go
I want so many things, but Lord, you already know

God, I thank you for everyday and every chance
I hope that I did well under the circumstance
The truth is I know that I've done so many things wrong
The truth is I know I need a different song

I sing of pain and Lord please, oh please
but not very often do I kneel upon my knees
I sing of why do these things always happen to me
or why do I fall with all the fallen things

Oh Lord, I change my song, I no longer wish to live apart
Lord I know that you will always have my very best interest at heart
It is for you I shall live, and right now I want to start
Lord save me from myself and set my life apart

So today, I give my life to you
I understand it belongs to you
I am here to know what's true
I give up the old man's shoes
so that I can start a new with you

I am here, and I am all in.

I hope this blesses your heart.  Until Next time.

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