Thursday, March 2, 2017

Live Life: Day 60 Journey to Success

Day 60

This has been a motto of mine since I was in High School.  We are all on this journey to find our true calling, our true purpose, and our true happiness.  We must learn from our mistakes, apply our lessons, and try to do better next time.  There really is no use dwelling on the past, or being disappointed in your current circumstances.  The most important thing is to keep moving forward.  We must keep striving to do better and be better.  We must keep letting God place us right where we are supposed to be. 

What does your journey to success look like?  What ever it looks like make sure you let the spirit lead the way. . .

I will continue to answer the call of the Lord.

"Lord, I am prepared to follow because you are preparing me for the journey."

Follow you dreams and find your purpose!
Until next time

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