Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Live Life post 73 "Abracadabra"


I always say how powerful words are.  I try to tell people all the time that words have power.  I believe it because I read this in the bible, and also practice it in my life.

When I speak I want to make sure that I am speaking positive things in my life and not negative.  When I speak I want to make sure I am thinking positive so that I speak positive.  This takes practice but I'm getting better and better at being conscious about the things that I say.

We must all practice saying the magic words . . .please and thank you are a good start but I'm talking about:


I just saw a Ted X talk today given by a magician who said he wanted to do some research on the word abracadabra to see why so many magicians used it.  He said that he never used the word in his act before because he thought that it was childish nonsense.  But when he found out what it really meant and he started applying it to his life, he began to tap into it's real power.  I linked the video above. . .

I'm going to approach this subject from a whole different angle, I'm coming from a more spiritual perspective:

Abracadabra has Aramaic origins and means "I create what I speak"

or "I create like the word" and in Hebrew "It came to pass as it was spoken."

So, as we explore these words and the translation we can gain a better insight on the "word" and the power of the words we speak.  We have authority with our words.  Just like God spoke and brought the world into existence, we bring things into our existence with the words that we speak.

We should take notice of the pattern that God laid out for us in Genesis chapter 1: The power of God was already moving and waiting for directions to carry forth. Then God said, God saw, God took action, then he called it what he wanted to call it, then it was what it was because God called it to be so.

-Go back and read Genesis Chapter one

What does this mean for us?
We need to speak things as if they are going to happen, when we see it happening and manifesting into our lives, we ought not forget that we called it there. So, when we do see it, we call it good and  recognize God for giving us the ability to have this power.

The word is powerful because from a spiritual perspective the word is God . . .

Hence  Abracadabra = I create like the word = I create like God

"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made." John 1:1-2 

The word is Jesus Christ and he has the power to create under the decree of our heavenly father.  We have the ability to speak with thought and vision connected to the speech.  So we also make decrees as God has made decrees.  Is this what it means in Genesis Chapter 1 when God said "let us create man in our image . . ."  and also when he said that we have dominion over the animals and everything in the earth?  Think about who you really are!
 And so it was not surprising to me to find out that: 
"[A]bracadabra may comprise the abbreviated forms of the Hebrew words Av (Father), Ben (Son) and Ruach Ha Codesch (Holy Spirit). . ."
I don't know Hebrew so I cannot confirm this information that I got of Wikipedia, but knowing my Heavenly Father and his all knowing wisdom, I wouldn't be surprised if the demonic realm tried to devalue the word Abracadabra by correlating it with cheap magic tricks and over using it for something that doesn't really matter.  This is how the enemy works against us, devaluing our power, and getting us to believe that we don't really have any!
I said all of that to say this:  We have power!  There is power in our words.  Now, every time I catch myself saying something negative to myself or others, I will say Abracadabra to shift myself into God's way of thinking.  We all need to start thinking in the way God made us to think.  He made us to be fruitful and multiply the good stuff, not the bad.
Believe it or not because this is more than just magic, this is God!


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