Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Embrace the Chaos: Rachel Hollis Speech

This is a teacher Tuesday moment.
Let us look at Ms. Rachel Hollis's talk about allowing Jesus to handle the chaos in our lives.

I wanted to introduce you to Rachel Hollis this week because she has an awesome story of process.  The Lord allowed her business to grow in front of our very eyes on the Internet.  She is an example of a regular person who chose to do what she loved in life.  She is a mom and a wife, an entrepreneur, and a Christian.  I am choosing to put her in my tribe.  She doesn't know it yet, but she is one of my dear friends along with Tiffani Montgomery!

Look everyone, I am not doing this to encourage people to cyber stalk well known, successful entrepreneurs on the Internet!  This is not my purpose. . .  I just am convince that there is a better way to live this life.  There is a better way than working a 9 to 5 job that you hate.  There is a better way to live other than being stressed by the people we chose to keep in our live.  There is a better way to live other than being overwhelmed with all the STUFF that we have to do!  We have to start making better choices for our life.

We must trust the Lord to handle our stress for us!

This is why I am referring you this video  about embracing the chaos.  Realizing that, with the Holy Spirit,  we have the skills to navigate ourselves through all the trials, troubles, and test that this world throws at us.  We can do this.  We have permission from our Lord and Savior to be awesome!  We were never meant to do it by ourselves.  The Holy spirit is here to help us get to the goal he has written for us.

I love the way that Rachel explains this so simply.  She says to give yourself permission to fail sometimes.  Give yourself some grace.  Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and grow in your shortcomings.  We don't have to be so hard on ourselves.  No, we don't have it all figure out, but that is OK.  We with figure it out during the journey.

Did you know that the Lord isn't as hard on us as we are on ourselves.  He tried to teach us forgiveness.  Let us learn that lesson and start forgiving ourselves. Forgiveness is a necessary spiritual exercise that we must all practice in order to keep moving forward in our lives.  Practice forgiveness.  Give your self some grace.

#1 Give yourself some grace.

#2 This life is about allowing God to handle the Chaos in your life.

Those are two main points that she made in this speech.   I embrace this.  I understand that I am perfect to God just the way that I am,  I don't have to try harder, be better, or pray more.  He loves me regardless!  He loves you too.  Allow him to handle the Chaos in your life.

 Check it out when you get a chance by clicking the video embedded in this post.

Also, a lot of what she was saying are the things that I write about on my blog and in by book.  Check out the links if you would like to learn more about you purpose here on earth. . .

Great Article for your Spiritual Exercises here:

Also, just put the first chapter of my book on You Tube for your listening pleasure.  You can get a free PDF download of Part one and two on my Website.


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