Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Believe in your Dreams: Wisdom Wednesday

Give yourself permission to be Awesome!

Have you not done so yet?

You have to know that by this point I should have learned a better word other than awesome to describe the awesomeness that is in you, but it seems like awesome is the most awesomnest word to use to explain your awesomticity!

You are Awesome!

Hence,  God wants to make a way for you to become your most awesome self.  He gives us the tools and he gives us the instruction manual.  It is now time for us to start using these things to our advantage.  Not to fulfill our selfish ways, but to help build up the Kingdom of heaven.

I have been researching and writing down patterns of the most successful people in the world, save and unsaved.  I have found that the law is not a respecter of persons.  This means that God has set up a system for you to win!

The rules are simple:

Successful people write things down.  Successful people take time to think.  Successful people understand habits, cycles, and vision.  Successful people dream and believe in their dreams!

Get your vision:

How do you get your vision?

Start dreaming and you will catch your vision . . .
You literally have to give your mind a chance to wander. . .

Write down your vision
Write down goals to help you get to your vision
Write down strategies/ ideas and plans
Pray about it and get clear on your vision
Start out broad then hone in and focus
Focus, work, and trust that God will lead you through

It all starts by believing

Believe in God
Believe in his Son
Believe in the promise

This is a whole training program.  If you can start by believing in something that you can't see.  You can believe in anything.  You can believe in the  'Awesomness ' that is you.

Are you on the right track?  Has God given you a vision for your life?  Do you believe it?

You need to get to the point where you believe it and know it so much that you are not worried about what other people think of you.  You need to feel it in your bones and know who you are.  When you hear the word "No" you take as a sign to keep going.

You do not have permission to quit!

Here are some main points that I got from the Rachel Hollis's talk that I am sharing with you:

  • "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"  meaning that life is all about perspective.
  • You are the only one that will light your soul on fire.
  • You have to decide to pursue your wildest dreams.
  • You should not give up on your dreams just because someone told you no.
  • Write down your dreams and goals.  Write everything down like you couldn't fail.
  • Don't compromise on your values.
  • "It is hard work following a dream"  Don't you dare give up!
  • Your dream is worth fighting for.
  • You do not have permission to quit!

I find things (like books, talks, videos, blogs, people)  that are exactly the message that the Lord gave me in my book "Transitions Into Life."  We need to know why we are here.  We need to know why God has made us.  So many of us are looking for the meaning of life and we haven't found it yet.  Why?  Because we don't take the time to dream.  We don't take the time to believe in something greater.  We don't spend time with our creator in order to hear his voice.  After you watch this video, click the link below to get the first half of my book "Transitions Into Life."  I feel that it will really help you in your journey to find your purpose.

Hope you are enjoying this series on Rachel Hollis!
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What are some of your goals and dreams?
I challenge you to write them now in the comments . . .

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