Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Prayer Poem for Righteous Men

A Prayer Poem for a Righteous Man


I pray for a man who has dedicated his life

for the man who gives no quarrel

no envy, no strife

A man of good nature

a good family, and strong line

A man who is righteous 

and proves it throughout his time

I pray for this man who does not intend to do wrong

But continues to ask forgiveness

whose morals are strong

I pray for this man who obeys the Lord's law

who works not to compromise

no matter how big the challenge

no matter how small

No, this man does not do everything right

but he knows that he doesn't

so he offers his life

and so he lives surrendered

May the Lord touch his mind

Because great men like this

come one of a kind

So I pray for this man, and others who lead

Who have vision and have purpose

May the Lord intercede

protect and stand guard

and make strong and make well

May the Lord continue to guide you

in his truth you do tell

May the Lord give you courage

and a strong mind

because great men like you

come one of a kind



A book that every man living for Christ should read . . .

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The "Principles and Power of Vision" by Dr. Miles Monroe

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