Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Teacher Tuesday

I don't know what the Lord is doing with me.  He gave me a vision, this is true.  He gave me the ability to hear his voice.  I give him thanks for this gift because I am realizing that not everyone hears his voice like those chosen to.  But with this comes a great burden.  The Lord needs and wants people to hear him, and know what his plans are.  However, he needs his children to pay attention, to watch, to study, to pray, and to be vigilant.

Friends, we are all at different levels, but this doesn't mean that we are required to stay at the level that we are at.  We must grow in the Lord.  We must be obedient to his word and his way.  At this time, the Lord does have a message for his people.  It is a message that I have been sharing with you since I started to write this blog.  Develop a relationship with the Lord.  Read your word.  You might not catch everything that you read, but it is doing something supernatural for your spirit.  You must feed your spiritual man.  We, as people, as God's people, have to steer away from the influence of our worldly culture and embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ.  These teachings will lead us back to the father.

God has a warning for those who are caught up in the world.  He warns against the stumbling blocks that we are going to come across.  They are growing stronger and stronger in this world.  Why?  Because men's hearts are ultimately evil when they are disconnect from the Lord.  Men's hearts are selfish,  jealous, and lustful.  This type of "mind" only seeks what it wants for itself, it has no desire to help others except it benefit him.  This is the world we live in today friends.  This is a selfish and adulterous generation.  The principles that we live by that are supposed to be just and fair are all an illusion.  Why?  Because there are people (spirits) in high places manipulating systems for their own gain.  God says, don't worry about them for the time being, they will have their reward for the evil that they do.

Our job friends is to keep living this life according to the way God needs us to live it.  We must live righteous and holy, despising those things that defile men.  Despising those things that go against God's will.

Listen to what the spirit of the Lord is saying to his sons and daughters:

  • Those who are the children of the most high will be the children of the most high.  Those who are the children of the evil one will be the children of the evil one.  We no longer have to go around trying to "prove" ourselves to one another.  We were each made special, for a purpose and a reason.  To walk around boasting is pride.  It is a huge distraction for the real work that you have to do.  Stop it, for it is an abomination and it causes strife, separation, and bitterness.

God is warning you against this stumbling block

  • We must learn how not to over exert ourselves.  God does not want to give us more than what we can bare.  We do it to ourselves, friends.  We go out seeking the things that we do not need and the things that we cannot afford.  We spend our time working harder then we have to, in order to please someone or something that is not our God.  This is a hindrance to the work of the Lord.  Use your time wisely doing the Lord's work.  Do not put your trust in a system that gives you empty promises.  All your goals that do not include the Lord is only for vanity.

God is warning you against this stumbling block

  • If you are telling yourself that there has to be a better way, there is; it's called the Lord's way.  Wash your self clean of the pride of life.  If you are having trouble at home, at work, at church, or socially, it's ok, you are supposed to have trouble in the world.  The world is not for you.  God wants you to come out of the world and except your Kingdom inheritance.  He wants you to become a citizen of his Kingdom and to start to operate in his laws and his statutes.  Do not seek the riches of this world.  Do not chase after dreams that man's heart have told false prophets to tell us.  Stop watching nonsense on the TV if you do not have the spiritual insight to understand that the enemy's Kingdom mocks you every second it gets.  They mock our King.  Come out of  this world.  You are God's people.

God is warning you against the pride of Life

Friends, I am telling you the best thing for us to do is to chase after the Lord and not anything else.  This world system is set up to kill you.  The enemy has set up traps to destroy you.  The enemy is trying to steal your rightful inheritance to the Kingdom.  Don't miss out on your inheritance.  You must learn who you are . . .

This is why you need to seek council from the Lord.  This is why you need to talk to the Lord through prayer and fasting.  He wants to share with you who you are and your promise for eternal life.

While teaching Preschool there were two very important things that we tried to teach the children.  These young babies would come in, most still crying for their mommies, and we would have to get them acclimated to their new environment.  As the teacher, it was my job to assimilate them, teach them and grow them.  In order to do any of these tasks successfully, I had to first teach them how to get along with others, identify themselves as individuals, and also get them to identify their feelings. 

Friends, I am here to tell you that we have to do that spiritually as well.  You must learn how to communicate properly with others.  You must learn who you are in the Kingdom so that you can successfully help others.  Finally,  you need to figure out why you do the things that you do in this world; you need to identify your feelings. 

We all have a long way to go, but we have to let the Lord teach us.  Develop your relationship with the Lord.  Get to know him as your friend, as your teacher, your brother, and as your king.  Don't get tripped up by the things of this world, but let the Lord take you through your journey.

Live your Life on Purpose
Until Next Time

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