Monday, May 21, 2018

Motivation for Monday: Better than Okay

Good Monday Morning Friends,

How are you feeling today?

Well me, I'm doing just fine.  Better than Okay!

The Holy spirit really ministered to my spirit this morning.  He told me, like he has told me many times before, that it is time to clean up and clean out!  He told me, clean your house and get rid of things that you don't need. . .

Here goes the thing guys, as a teacher, I think that I need everything.  I really feel in my heart of hearts that I am going to use all of the junk that I accumulated over the years.  The books, the art supplies, the old clothes, old magazines, and what ever else I have just laying around in my garage.

He told me to start throwing it away.

He told me it is time to purge!

When we clean up in the natural, we also clean up in the spiritual.  The more we let go of things and we start trusting in God, the more we open up the space to let him work.  The more we trust God the less control we have over our circumstances.  The more we let go and let God, the less mess we have in our lives . . .


Because God is organized.  God will give you exactly what you need.  He knows how much you can handle.  We often put ourselves in situations of stress and turmoil because we try to do things ourselves.  We try to handle it.  God will set things in order but first we have to clean up and clean out.

You see, life is not always easy.  Especially when you are trying to live for Jesus.  We will suffer in this world because our flesh mind desires earthly things.  However, God wants to purge us of this desire.  He understands that it is going to take time because he knows our conditions.  He knows the conditions of our hearts and now he needs to show us our mess.  Sometimes friends, we can't see our own mess.  We just learn how to live around the piles of useless garbage around us.  In the natural we are just cleaning, but in the spiritual we are learning how to trust God.

Here is your motivation for Monday:

The living God who has sent us Jesus Christ, is the savior of us all.

He will clean us up and clear all uncleanliness out!

So, as I am cleaning up, I am listening to gospel music.  I like doing this to get my spirit prepared for the day. . .

This song comes on saying "I'm doing just fine . . ."  The thing is friends, I rarely listen to this CD, It is just something I found laying around the house while I was cleaning.  The words entered into my spirit and I started praising God!

"I'm doing fine, Better than Okay!"

I just kept saying it over and over again.  I started crying and waving my hands.  I was praising Jesus for the many blessings that he has provided over the years.  I was thanking him for my beautiful children, for my husband, family, a roof over my head, and food to eat.  These are all provisions from the Lord.  I thank him and I praise him.  I thank him for this season that I am going through.  He is teaching me how to be content in the very place that he has me in.

I am Okay

Better than Okay!

Friends, I could take the time to complain and whine on this blog how things aren't exactly working out how I had planned it. I'll tell some, but I won't dwell.  My life is not all peaches and cream.  I am not at the financial place that I thought that I would be.  We just lost a house, I'm losing my car, a time share, all my bank accounts, and we just filed bankruptcy.  I am now convinced that the Lord is purging me of all the things that I do not need!   The Lord is teaching me that when I try to plan things out for my self, I make a mess.  I hoard things and I try to keep a lot of stuff that I don't need.  I even try to organized my mess.  But the truth is, I need to clean up, and I need to clear out!

This is why the Lord is leading me on this path way.  There is a lot of spiritual mess inside of me that I need to get rid of.  Things that are not truth and things that God did not put inside of me.  I am asking God day by day to take full control of my life.  It is a process because I have so much mess! I keep trying to clean things up on my own and get "organized," but things just get all cluttered again.

We all have so much mess!  But I am here to tell you that God wants to do a work in all of us.  He wants to do a new thing!!  It may take longer than you expected but it is going to work out for your good.  He is going to clean up and clear out.

I can go on and on about the different things that he is clearing out of me, but that is for another post.  I want to relay to you that it is okay to go through the process.  It may be hard but God has a plan for each and everyone of us.  I wish to convey to you that we have to learn how to be content in every situation that we are in.  We must learn how to trust God and trust not in ourselves.  If we keep trusting in our selves we are going to be burdened with so much "STUFF."   Friends, let us start giving God complete control so that we will not end up on the next season of "Hoarders!"

The stress of trying to keep your old life is too heavy!

Let go and let God. . .

You are doing just fine, better than okay!

Everything will be okay, just endure the process. . .

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.
Luke 17:33 KJV

Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.
Luke 17:33 NIV

If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.
Luke 17:33 NLT

Enjoy this song for your motivation on this Monday.
May the peace and joy of the Lord follow you all the days of your life.
Continue to walk in your purpose
Until next Time


  1. Mannnn...this right here was powerful! I love this and will use your words as motivation for my personal and professional lives. Keep up the great work!!! (-: