Monday, November 6, 2017

A prayer poem for: Texas Church Shooting

Condolences for those who are in mourning. . .
May God send comfort to the families of those who have lost loved ones in the church shooting in Texas.

The enemy is furious to see God's people prevail over his lies.  He has been lying to us for so long and now that we are gaining understanding on how to fight against his lies, his attacks are coming closer together and more violent.  For those of you who are not aware, we are in a spiritual war.  Let us develop our relationship with the Lord so that we can fight against the powers of darkness with the light and truth of the word of God.

Although we loose souls we are winning
Although we cry out with our most wrenching groans
Although we drag ourselves treacherously through the trials of life
We will yet gain victory on our thrones

Teach us Lord how to fight
How to pray and how to speak
How to comfort each other's wounds
as we approach the mountain's peak

We do not fight against flesh and blood
so our spiritual power we find
We ask for our spiritual weapons in faith
our tears collected, so we can bind

We bind your lies, your power, your plans
You maleficent devils, sit down where you stand
with all of your destruction and your impish ways
You continue to be no match for our most magnificent praise

You are defeated!

All your tricks and schemes
to take our royal right
Will not prevail against the mighty
Our King, the Word, Our light

Strong in battle
Give praise to the Lord of Lords
Mighty is he
Give thanks to the King of Kings

Lord we pray for peace in our souls 
While the world lives chaotic around us
For we know when you call us home
We will give thanks to the one who has found us

All ye fools who say with in themselves,
that there is no creator on high
Even you in time of trouble
give reverence to God when you cry

All ye mighty men who say in their heart
I have achieved this all alone
Even you who believes in only yourself
It is the Lord who will carry you home

Praying for peace and comfort to the friends and families who have lost loved ones in the church shooting in Texas.  May God send speakers of peace and comfort.

until next time

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