Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Live life Post 146 Trump- Chosen by God?

I am not going give you these cute little messages anymore . . . It is time to tell you the truth!

I hope people are waking up to what is going on in the world today . . . We are so close to a big change in how life is going to be lived here on earth . . . it is not the destruction of the earth yet.  God told me that this age that we are living in (the existence of the Human beings on earth) was set to be 10,000 years.  This means, that evolution is not real, that the substance of the earth may be millions of years old but we are not.  According to the bible we are at about 7,700 years in. If you add the 1,000 years (that will come at the end of the 10,000 year time line) that the church will reign here with Christ we are at 8,700.  This means we have about 1,300 years that other end of the world bible prophecy has to occur.  With that said it is very probable that there is an age of peace that is coming to where Donald Trump is the one who is chosen to lead America out this bondage because he is not influenced by the synagogue of Satan.  It could also be that the media is sending out the propaganda that Russia/Putin is the enemy that we should be attacking . . .

Could it be that this is a the lie of the devil!!!  Could it be that Putin is being spiritually attacked like the czar of Russia was by the warlock Rasputin.  History repeats itself.  I now want to research the truth that Putin is trying to speak against the Synagogue of Satan.

Hey Devil, incase you didn't know . . YOU LOST!!!

God is always in control . . .

Look I just found this video . . . I am about to watch it right now in it's entirety . . . but I am curious about this prophecy and I will go back and test it against the scriptures.  The next time I post a long post . .  it will be about the truth of  why Donald Trump is the president of America. . .

Two things that I know for sure is that the Pope/the Roman Catholic Church/ and the Vatican represents the beast and the Anti-Christ of the end times.  And America represents the power that rises up to give witness of the Beast.  The mark of the beast will be those who agree to worship on Sunday when forced by the Roman Catholic Church . . . How do I know this . . . It was revealed in revelation . . . READ YOUR BIBLE!!!

When they make it a written law . . . what will you follow?

You watch it too, let me know what you think and we can have a conversation about it.

Find your purpose . . . Spread the word of  Jesus Christ
Until next Time

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