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How do I know what business to start?

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So if you are not aware, I do a periscope on Saturdays at 10am.  I am going to try to be more consistent with writing notes about it because I think the Lord gives me information for you to take away and apply to your life . . . So check out the scope but also write these things down:

You can find a link to the video by joining me on Google + or by following the Live Life Project Collection . . .

What I know:
  • The Kingdom is moving forward.   The Lord is giving his people ideas about business.  What I see is a people coming out of mind bondage and starting to operate in Kingdom principles. . .

You are the head and not the tail

You are above and not beneath

You are made for great things!

  • The Holy spirit has given you ideas to move forward in business, entrepreneurship, and non-profits.  He is giving you ideas on how to help people, help communities, and to grow organizations for the betterment of a particular territory.  The expansion is happening.  You are supposed to start now!

How do you know what business to start?

God has probably talked to you about starting your business, but you are not hearing him clearly enough.  This is why you need to build your relationship with the Lord so that you can hear and understand the directions he is giving to you.

There is a reason why you got fired from your job . . .
There is a reason why your spouse left you. . .
There is a reason why you were separated from that church. . .
There is a reason why you started thinking differently about how to live this life!

God is calling you to something greater!!!

You are suppose to use your gifts, talents, and abilities that God has given you to expand the territory he has given you.  It is time for a major mind shift and the way that you are thinking. . . .

Think about this:  What is that thing that you spend time on when you are not working your job?  What is that thing that you spend your money on?  What is that thing that you don't count as a gift but you do it so easily and everyone asks you to do it . . . What is the thing that you are known for . . The thing that you will lose sleep over?  This is the thing that you do.  This is the passion that God has given you to explore and grow.

Write down you talents.  Write down your gifts.  What dreams do you have about how to use these things in your life?  Your dreams are not crazy!!!  Your dreams are real.  The vision that God has given you is real.  Start off small, build your foundation, and move into the next level of your purpose.

You are being trained for this!

Your whole life was designed to teach you about your purpose!

#1  Figure out what your business is going to be by exploring who you are and what your gifts are.  
#2  Make up your mind to make the Holy Spirit the CEO of your company.  Done deal, he is hired!
#3  Get a journal, start writing down everything that he tells you to do, step by step . . .
#4  Pray on the regular.  Figure out what your pray strategy is going to be and make it part of your everyday life.

You need to pray specifically and strategically

Pray that the Lord:

  1. Organize your mind
  2. Organize your Relationships
  3. Organize your home life/church life/ work life: these things all need to become one
  4. Organize and get your money mind recalibrated.

I talk about what each of these things means and why they are important on my scope:

New starts:  How do I know what business to start?

check out the video . . . these are my notes on this Saturday live video scope, along with the following books/Authors:

Mike Murdock:  He will give you specific information on how to sow seed, the purpose of sowing seed, and the different types of seed there is.
Read: "Dream Seeds"

T.D. Jakes:  Check out his book about prioritizing your purpose and entrepreneurship.  Look up "Destiny" and "Soar"

Terri Savelle Foy:  You need to get your mind organized!! Trust me, this one is good for you: "Declutter your Way to Success."  

Francis Shovel Shinn : "The Game of Life and How to Play" Listen to this today!!!


To all of those who are just starting your journey. . . do not get caught up with the new age movement!!  Jesus has sent us help, and that is the Holy Spirit.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all understanding.  Let the Word of God (The Bible)  be the foundation of all truth in your life.

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