Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Teacher Tuesday: Dr. Myles Munroe

What is the Kingdom?

The Kingdom is a government.  The Kingdom is God's system of management that is flawless and perfect.  God is the king of his kingdom and he has set a plan to expand his Kingdom.  Stick with me this week and I will refer more information about the Kingdom of Heaven.

You may want to follow the blog so that you won't miss anything. After today I will not be promoting this teaching on any other social outlets.  This is for those hearts who are eager to hear, to learn, and to one day teach this message to others.

I want to refer to you yet again a man of God who's words have impacted the world.  He is my favorite teacher on the Kingdom; Dr. Myles Munroe.  I would like to talk about the Kingdom this week because a lot of people are confused about what it is.  Others have never heard this message, but it is the truth that the Holy Spirit is sending to his people.

I say this prayer for you today:

Let this word reach the ears that it is supposed to reach.
Lord, you are mighty and awesome
Your plan surpasses our understanding
We thank you for your plan and the coming of your Kingdom
Help the people know and understand who they are
Help people to discover their Kingdom destiny
Help people change their mindset about why they are here on this earth
Touch their spirit, that will change their mind, that will change their life
Lord, we are looking for something that will fill our emptiness
It is you, it is your son, it is the Holy Spirit
It is about us entering into our purpose
It is about a relationship with you
Father show us the way to you
Help us to learn your ways
Help us to find your peace
Help us to enter into the joy of the Lord

This video will answer the following questions:

5 Questions that control the entire world

Who am I?

Where do I come from?

Why am I here?

What can I do?

What is my destiny?

Check it out.  Very powerful stuff!

Key Take Aways

  • Success is predictable

  • God made you to succeed

  • You have everything you need inside of you to succeed

  • God wants you to succeed because it is his reputation on the line!

  • You are important to the Kingdom!

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