Monday, October 22, 2018

Motivation for Monday: Why I had to Quit

You are not a quitter, but sometimes you have to quit . . .

Let me explain this . . .

I think I just got excommunicated from my church!!

One of the first things I thought was "this is really bad for the brand!"

I know the Lord is faithful and he is taking me through a journey that not many people understand right now.  It all seems pretty surreal, but I have to let you know that when you are ready to grow,  The Lord will get you ready to go.

Where are we going?

We are going into the World to preach the word to all nations.

There has been a confidence shift in my blood.  I am now seeing that people will use you and abuse you as long as you let them.  When we finally change our minds about who we are and how important we are to God, then we develop a different focus.  Finally, our eyes start to see things that we haven't seen before.  This is a hurtful process, but a necessary process for our growth. . .

We have to stop caring about what other people think about us!

Grab your confidence.  Hold on to it tight because you can and will do great things!!!

I want to encourage anyone right now who finds themselves making the same decisions over and over or anyone who is being dragged down by destructive habits: Let it Go- Do the OPPOSITE-  Change your decision making process.  It is time to:

Quit the drugs

Quit the drinking

Quit that relationship

Quit that stressful job

Quit the over eating

Quit the over spending

Quit the negative self talk

Quit the gossiping and backbiting

Quit that cultic church practices


My friends, No one is better than anyone else.  Do not get caught in that lie.

Here goes another lie:  I can live this life all by myself!

Friend, we are at the mercy of our father in heaven.  He loves us so much that he gives us chance after chance to get things right.  But please understand, that it is only by the power of the holy spirit that we will be able to really live.  You cannot live this life by yourself.  Find the peace of the Holy spirit.  Understand that any trial that he puts you back into is for your learning and for your growth.  Hence, I follow the Lord and just ask him to open my eyes to the right answers so that I can make better decisions.

Real quick let me tell you what happened. . .

God told me to Quit!

I decided to tell the leadership of my church organization about the teachings that did not line up with the word of God.  I wrote a letter saying that the Lord is leading me another way and that I will prepare a letter of resignation after my presentation coming up.  Well, I spent time gathering resources, planning, and practicing what I was going to say about behavioral health.  Unfortunately,  I was not told until right before the service that I was forbidden to speak!  WHAT!!!

My heart broke.  Why? I wasn't prepared to be rejected.  God showed me in that moment that I had been "put up with",  I had been "allowed",  and I had been used as a place holder until they could but someone they really wanted in the position of youth president.  I spent 16 years in a church organization who did not yet understand that we are all members of one family in the Kingdom.  It doesn't matter what church we go to, if we always agree or not, if we have the same biological family or if we understand who we are yet.  God made it so that his people share one blood- The blood of Jesus.

This is Supernatural.

I can't really take the time to explain what is happening to me supernaturally.  All that I know is that the Lord is telling me to do things that are making huge turns in my life.  Now that I call him Lord I am trying very hard to listen to what he says, and follow his directions.  I said to the Lord "That Hurt."   The Lord said to me "When you have to let go of things for your growth in the Kingdom, it will hurt.  I will cut it away with the word of truth.  I will separate you from things that are in place to kill you.  Do not go back.  Do not look back.  I will lead you out if you let me.  When I tell you to quit, you need to quit."

Here is your motivation for Monday:

It is ok to Quit when the Lord is leading you to bigger and better!

Stay encouraged that the Lord who started a work in you will complete it until the end. . .

Things are working out for the good of those who love God and are the called according to his purpose.  Things will work out.  Have faith that God is completing his work.  Be confident that he is shaping and molding you, and helping you towards an abundant life.  Anything or anyone that keeps telling you that it is ok to be complacent, or that it is ok to sit back and watch the world destroy itself, or that it is ok to create mini communities that shut people out, or that it is ok to worship a leader other than our holy Lord Jesus Christ: IS A CULT.  Come out of her my people.  The Lord showed me that this my friends is :


Many people will be called out of the Church setting because it has failed its mission to preach the word of truth to the world.  Here comes the time of the harvest.  The true laborers of God are going out into the world to be his servants and his witnesses.  We will gather this harvest: plant by plant, row by row.

God is going to destroy all false fellowship.

We are going to learn what real fellowship is as we are going to have to talk to each other, learn that each of us have something special to contribute to this world and that we all are supposed to work together.  Real fellowship is talking to each other, appreciating each other, and encouraging each other.  I had to quit the false fellowship.  Big thanks to Kytia for sharing her story and for Terri sending me that letter.

Check out my reflections on my confirmations below.  This thing is real.  God wants us all to make it to heaven . . . Let's get there together.

until next time

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