Monday, October 1, 2018

Motivation for Monday: He will Bring you through it

Do you want to know what I am up to?

I'm motivating my self to win!

Yes, I am so excited to start my new journey in research.  What am I studying you ask?

A Doctorate of Philosophy in General Psychology with a focus in Cognitive Instruction!

Wow, that sounds so academic.  I would have never before thought that I was capable of such a task of receiving my doctorate . . . the truth is, I'm not doing this at all, the Lord is setting everything up for me.  He wrote the book for me, he improved my skills of writing by getting me to write this blog.  He taught me how to prioritize my purpose.  He is teaching me how not to be a people pleaser.  And now he is preparing me and others (I'm sure) to speak up for him in this fallen world in an academic way.  Our God is Amazing!!

I encourage you to keep the faith.  Keep your mind open to the possibilities that God has for you.  I am so excited for you and all of your future endeavors.  Believe me, if he can bring me to this, I know he will do the same and even greater for you!

Here is your motivation for Monday:

Live every moment and every experience that God gives you.

Don't be afraid of achieving the next step.

If God brought you to it, he will bring you through it!

My Prayer of Gratitude Today:

I am so overwhelmed with joy, peace, and love.  I have reason to believe with every fiber of my being that New Jerusalem is falling down on us. Thank you Lord for your everlasting love. Your Kingdom is here and it is growing.  Let all of God's children shine light on all of the failed systems of this world.  We move forward in order to destroy the enemy's  kingdom.  We will return to our original selves.  I long to be with my Lord.  Thank you God for your word and your promises.  You said that you would return.  You said that you would avenge your people because you have heard us cry day and night.  The angels have collect our tears and you know all of our troubles.  You come to save the lost.  You have come to save us.  Glory to your name on high.  Glory to the King of Kings.  He has come to save us all! Thank you for this!  Amen.  Amen

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  1. Congratulations friend! This is awesome!!!💕So proud of you 😊